Malaysia 2011-2013


The project has reveived the following project support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Government of Finland.

2011 27,700 €
2012 29,400 €
2013 26,360 €.
Total 83,460 €.

The aim is to provide Murut language instruction in state primary schools in Murut-speaking areas of Sabah. The immediate objective is to devise a curriculum in partnership with local experts and the Education Authorities. Textbooks and workbooks for years 1-3 will be developed. Teacher training courses will be provided for Murut-speaking school teachers in applying the teaching materials produced. A Tri-lingual Murut-Malay-English School dictionary will also be published.

Between 1984 and 1996 linguists Kielo and Richard Brewis conducted research into Timugon Murut. During this time, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs provided EFCF with development funds for research and language development projects. The Embassy of Finland in Kuala Lumpur provided financial aid for the Rundum-Murut literacy project 1994-5, as well for the printing of a Timugon Murut – Malay dictionary on its completion in 2004.