Strategy and Code of Conduct


The goal of EFCF’s International Development work is to help people in need by working in partnership with local organisations. We strive for change that brings long-lasting results. We want to work in particular with the most vulnerable groups in society, like children and the disabled.

Code of Conduct for the International Development Work of the EFCF

This Code of Conduct is intended for our own International Development employees, for our sponsors and our partners. The following principles guide the conduct of EFCF’s International Development work.

Our development work is based on sustainability. We are committed to far-sighted programs, which are built on a lasting basis. This requires us to understand the working environment holistically, and if need be, to respond to any changes that take place within it.

We invest in our employees’ professional skills and expertise. We have a professional approach to International Development work, keeping our methods and perspectives up to date.

The financing and managing of our projects is conducted responsibly and transparently.

Our fundamental approach is to work in partnership with local partner organisations and institutions. We value our partners’ professional experience, as well as their knowledge of the local circumstances, culture and procedures.

We want to work with the most vulnerable groups in society, focusing particularly on advancing the position of women, children, the disabled and ethnic minorities. We treat the beneficiaries in our work compassionately, equally, and impartially.